Nina Kathryn Claridge

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Trade Testimonial

NKC Photography is a pleasure to work with. A supplier who responds quickly to orders, knows their market and has the highest quality product available is hard to come by. In the cluttered market of landscape photographers NKC Photography really stands out as the one to choose.



 Bruce Hardy, The National Trust


Print Buyer Testimonial

It was obvious when browsing Nina’s work for the first time that she has an exceptional eye for detail and great creative flair. This in turn, causes her pictures to come alive and thought provoke.

I have so far, purchased four pictures and Nina took great care, not only to understand my requirements, but to put them together and deliver them to my home. I would certainly recommend Nina’s work to anyone and there is no doubt I will be purchasing more in the future.


Paul Murphy, Bishops Stortford


Trade Testimonial

Nina Kathryn Claridge attends our Made in Cumbria markets and events, showcasing her incredible talents as a photographer. Her professional approach runs like a thread through all that she does - from her immaculate prints and cards to her fantastic framed photographs.

Completely original, she represents the very best of the nuances of Cumbria's amazing landscapes captured through her unique eye for the atmosphere of this world-famous region.


Steve Dickinson, Made in Cumbria